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TLF Annual Turkey Dash Featuring the Euro Enduro


Race Format:

2 x 4 Min Quals/ 1 x  5 Min Main (No Main bumps)

Eurotruck Euro Enduro  (Single 20-Min Race)

10 Rookie

10 F1

10 Mini 2WD

10 VTA

10 Ride FWD TC

20 Sportsman USGT

10 Expert USGT

10 21.5 TC Sportsman

10 21.5 TC Expert

10 17.5 TC

10 Mod TC

-Track Opens at 8am

-Group Picture at 8:50am

-First Race Tone: 9:00am

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Sundays of Thunder Series

4 Race Series

  • The Sundays of Thunder Series for 2023 will be split into two groups this year in an effort to keep the race day program at a decent length that is finished within daylight hours.

  • ALL CLASSES will be run, however the points for the series will be tallied only for the followling classes:

  1. Rookie

  2. Modified TC

  3. 17.5 TC

  4. 17.5 TC Expert

  5. 21.5 TC

  6. FWD TC

  • There will be no entry cap on the classes that are part of the current series. The next race series starting in July will feature a points series for the remaining Scale and GT classes.

Featured Events: Welcome

Motor City Mayhem Sponsored by SHIFT RCS

Club Race & Special VTA Event 1/22/2023

  • Same Club Race format as normal with Race #1 starting at 8:30AM. (Limit: 3 classes per driver)

  • *****Feature Race*****

  • The Motor City Mayhem race will be the top 12 VTA drivers battling it out in a 10-Min A-Main race sponsored by Shift rcs! The top 2 B-Main finishers will bump into this race.

  • Arizona Scale Racers and other Out-of-State racers are welcomed to come out and race for FREE for this event.  Limit: 3 entries per racer.

Featured Events: Welcome

The 4hrs of LeSantee

USGT Endurance Race July 7, 2024


Online Team Registration Coming Soon

Minimum of two (2) Sportsman/Rookies + Maximum of two (2) Experts per team.  (3 driver teams will only be allowed 1 Expert level driver)   Driver levels will be reviewed by the TLF Crew and confirmed based each driver’s recent race event performances available on LiveRC.  Drivers with Chassis Sponsorships are automatically considered Expert level.

Race Rules /Team Acknowledgment We understand the following:  

  • 1. A total fee of $140/Team is required upon registration.  ($120 due if your team placed a $20 early registration deposit). Fee includes hand-out spec motor and lunch.    E-payment: PayPal (@thelapfactoryrc)   *Please put your Team Name on the comment line for payment.  

  • 2. A member of each team is required to be at the track by 8:00am on Race Day as spec motors will be selected at random by a representative of each team.  Driverstand position and turn marshal position will also be determined at this time.    

  • 3.  Hand-out spec motors have all been inspected, analyzed and tuned to have a matching conservative KV. All motors have the can and end bell etched/painted to deter tampering of the motor timing.  2 of 3  

  • 4.  A Final Drive Ratio of 4.20 or higher is recommended to help manage motor temperatures.

  • 5. Team position will be fixed on the driverstand for the entire race and will be determined in reverse order of motor selection.

  • 6.  Pre-race inspections will begin at approximately 8:30am and the Race Director will be calling for a member of each team individually to bring their respective race car for inspection. The track will be open for practice while pre-race inspections are occurring up until 9:45am.  ONLY ENDURO CARS/DRIVERS will be permitted to be on the track during practice.

  •  7.  ALL Teams will be required to report for Pre-race inspections.  We will be verifying:   - 1,350 gram minimum weight   - Max 7000mah battery capacity (all batteries must be present at inspections).   - ESC Spec (blinky) mode   - Handout Spec Motor   - USGT body and USGT tires   - Standard battery retention (as intended by the chassis manufacturer)   - Standard RC grade connectors (bullets, t-plug, XT60, XT90)   - Standard body posts and body pins  

  • 8.  An all-hands driver’s meeting will occur at 9:45am and racing will start at 10:00am  

  • 9.  Race will complete once the first team completes 1,000 laps OR at 4.0 hours on the race clock, whichever occurs first.  

  • 10.  The Top 3 Teams will be required to undergo a Post-race inspection prior to confirming race results.  Any items listed in Section 7 that does not pass in post-race inspection will result in 10-lap penalties for each infraction.

  • 11. Drivers must rotate every 15 minutes as announced by the race director. Drivers are not allowed to race back-to-back during driver rotations.

  • 12. Only listed drivers are permitted to drive for each team.  Each listed driver MUST complete at least two driving sessions during the race.  

  • 13. Driver rotations must occur within the last 5-minutes of each 15-minute session as announced by the race director.

  • 14. The TLF team will be logging the active driver and the end of each 15-minute rotation.  Failure to change drivers will result in a 20-lap penalty for that team.  Failure to meet the minimum of two driving rotations per driver will result in a 40-lap penalty for that team.

  • 15. A listed member of each team must be on the track turn marshalling the same track position throughout the race. It is recommended that each team place a stool or chair at your selected turn marshal position since it’s a LONG day of racing.  Turn marshal positions will be identified by numbered cones.  Vacant turn marshal positions in excess of 1-minute will result in a 5-lap penalty/minute.

  • 16. The same car must be used for the entire race. Repairs and tuning are allowed on the car throughout the race, but the entire car cannot be swapped out.  The original chassis must be the same at the end of the race.  

  • 17. Battery swap timing is up to each individual team. It is recommended to replace batteries prior to hitting lipo cut-off voltages on ESCs to avoid potential damage to equipment. 15-min intervals between battery changes are considered safe.  Bodies must be completely removed to replace batteries.  Pulling up the side of the body to replace the battery is not permitted 3 of 3  and will result in a 5-lap penalty.

  • 18. AT LEAST one tire change will be required during the duration of this race.  Tire changes are at the discretion of each team.

  • 19. Understand that drivers of varying expertise will be racing with you.   Please be patient and drive as clean and defensive as possible.  Remember, this is a marathon NOT A SPRINT.   

Featured Events: Welcome
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