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Racing Classes and Rules


-Vehicle Scale: Maximum 1/10

-Nitro: Not allowed

-Batteries: 2S LiPo/LiHv (7.4-7.6v) or 6-cell NiMH stick packs allowed.

-Transponders: MyLaps RC4 (2 or 3 Wire) ONLY

-Racing without a Transponder is permitted, but your vehicle will not be tracked.

-The Race Director is not responsible to address any technical issues that occur with personal transponders mid-race. Lap counts will not change post-race and rankings will not be revised (unless drivers are disqualified for other technical reasons). Drivers are responsible to ensure proper performance and reliability of transponders, including proper mounting on the chassis clear of interference and within close range of the timing loop in ground.

-VEHICLE TECH INSPECTIONS to verify compliance with the below rules will occur at random and occasionally upon request. The TLF crew will NOT provide advance notice of if/when Tech Inspections will occur; therefore, it is recommended that all drivers fully understand and abide by these class rules. Violations found post-race are grounds for immediate disqualification from the race (and loss of race points in series events)

-(*) For classes requiring Blinky ESC mode, the Hobbywing QR10BL120 esc will be permitted but during Tech Inspections the driver must provide verification via Hobbywing Program Card that esc is programmed with no timing added (no boost/turbo added).

Racing Classes: Store Policies
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Rookie Class

Young kids and First-timers


  • ROOKIE ADULTS race free on first race.

  • Kids and Adults can continue to race ROOKIE Class until they have competitive lap times.

  • Any 1/12 - 1/10 on-road chassis

  • 21.5T brushless motor or slower is highly recommended


  • Rookie racers are limited to race ONLY the Rookie class.  

  • Non-Rookie (those that have run other classes) racers are not permitted to run in Rookie Class

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy

Open Modified Touring Car


-Open 1/10 TC chassis, body, motor and rubber tires (no foam tires)
-ESC timing allowed -Due to the high speeds of these cars, we reserve this class for the expert drivers and those with a good amount of racing experience with a mod car.

Racing Classes: Return Policy

Expert Touring Car

Slower but faster

-Open Rubber Tires (no foam tires)
-17.5t ROAR Spec Motors
-Aero Touring Car Sedan Bodies
-Blinky ESC (ESC boost/turbo locked out)*

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy
orange usgt.jpg


Scaled and skilled

-USGT RIDE or Gravity brand Spec Tires and Inserts
-21.5t ROAR Spec Motors
-“Realistic” Coupe and GT Bodies (NOT Aero Touring Car bodies)
-Blinky ESC (ESC boost/turbo locked out)*

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy

Mini 2WD

Small but fast

-2WD M-CHASSIS vehicles (brands such as TAMIYA, 3RACING, etc.)
-1275gr Minimum Weight
-ROAR Spec 21.5t motors
-Open Gear Ratios
-Open Mini Rubber Tires
-“Realistic” Coupe and GT Bodies (NOT Aero Touring Car bodies)
-Blinky ESC (ESC boost/turbo locked out)*

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy

4WD Mini

Little, yellow, fast.

-4WD M-CHASSIS vehicles
-No Minimum Weight
-ROAR Spec 21.5t motors
-Open Gear Ratios
-Open Mini Rubber Tires
-Aero TC Sedan bodies allowed
-Blinky ESC (ESC boost/turbo locked out)*

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy
Euro Truck_4_edited_edited.jpg

Euro Truck

Bang Bam Bounce!

-Built using kit provided parts per included instruction manual
-NO MODIFICATIONS to the stock chassis or suspension permitted
-Must use stock (kit included) treaded Euro Truck tires (gluing of sidewalls permitted)
-Must use complete Tamiya Euro Truck body
-Must use factory included brushed motor
-Aftermarket replacement pinions are allowed, but must be Mod .6 pitch 19t
-Aftermarket servo horns/savers are allowed
-Must use factory included Tamiya or Hobbywing 1060 brushed ESC in blinky mode
-Only Tamiya plug, T-Plug (Deans) or XT-60 plug allowed for ESC-battery connection
-2S LiPo/LiHV batteries are allowed without chassis modification (must be rounded stick pack)
-Differential fluid is considered a gear lubricant

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy
spec gt.jpg

Pro Spec GT


-Must use Tamiya TT02, TT02R or TT02RR chassis
-Any TT02 hop-up is permitted EXCEPT for Type-S upgrades, aluminum shocks and carbon shock towers
-All hop-ups/upgrades must be Tamiya branded with the exception of Yeah Racing motor mount and servo horns/savers. The TLF Crew may allow use of aftermarket (non-Tamiya) replacement parts if they are determined to not provide a performance advantage over available Tamiya parts. You must ask the TLF Crew for pre-approval.
-No modifications to internal gear ratios are permitted
-Must use Reedy 21.5t fixed timing brushless motor
-Blinky ESC (ESC boost/turbo locked out)*
-USGT “Gravity” Spec Tires and Inserts
-Open brand “Realistic” Coupe and GT Bodies (NOT Aero Touring Car bodies)
-5.74 FDR Minimum (64t Spur - 29t Pinion)
-Conversion to 64p pinion and spur gears are allowed. Minimum FDR still applies.

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy

Vintage Trans Am (VTA)

Big Little Racing

-Any 1/10 4wd chassis (no one-way diffs)
-25.5t ROAR spec motor
-Blinky ESC (ESC boost/turbo locked out)*
-Protoform, HPI, or McAllister Vintage Trans Am body
-Protoform, HPI, and Gravity RC  VTA treaded tires  (front and rear specific)  THIS MAY CHANGE FOR SPONSORED EVENTS
-1400g minimum weight (race ready)
-Must have scale driver mounted inside/underneath body
-Must have racing number applied to body on hood and both side doors

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy

Formula 1

The Class with Class

-Any 1/10 2wd/Rwd chassis
-Any 1/10 Formula 1 body
-25.5t ROAR spec motor
-2S LiPo/LiHV Battery
-Blinky ESC (ESC boost/turbo locked out
-Rubber Tires, F1 Scale (no foam tires)
-Must have driver helmet installed on body

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy

FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Touring Car

Fun in the front

-Any 1/10 2WD/FWD chassis, 4-wheel independent suspension
-Hobbywing 17.5t JUSTOCK esc/motor fixed timing combo
-2S LiPo/LiHV Battery
-4.5 FDR minimum
-No minimum weight
-Body must be a FWD vehicle
-RIDE 24mm Treaded FWD Spec Tires 26071 or USGT Gravity Spec Tires on spoke/mesh wheels. RIDE 2426 Slicks on spoke/mesh wheels.

Racing Classes: Shipping Policy

Tamiya Super GT

Super Scale GT and Touring Car

-Must use Tamiya tub style chassis examples; 4WD or FWD/FF (TT01, TT02XXX, TA01, TA02, TA03XXX, FF01, FF02, FF03)
- NO TA07, 08
- NO Topher
-Any hop-up is permitted so long as you retain the factory tub chassis.
-Open FDR
-25.5T ROAR spec motor or Hobbywing Justock 21.5FT/Reedy 21.5FT/Gravity USGT 21.5FT only
-Blinky ESC (ESC boost/turbo locked out)*
-Open rubber tires, spoked wheels (slick tires ok; disc wheel prohibited)
-Tamiya brand “Realistic” Touring Car and GT Bodies only. (NOT Aero Touring Car bodies or highdownforce, made for USGT bodies)
-NO LEXAN wings will be allowed. Must use scale style, Tamiya kit supplied wings. There are some exceptions so please message us if there’s doubts on wing eligibility.
-Drivers and Liveries/ is highly encouraged.
-TLF provided driver numbers are required.

Racing Classes: Tamiya Super GT

LeMans Prototype (LMP)

-Open Chassis (4-wheel independent suspension)
-LMP body
-13.5t ROAR motor
- Blinky esc
-4.50 FDR minimum
-Spoked Wheels/Open Rubber Tires

Racing Classes: Welcome
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